Socks and Liners

Seamfree Socks Diabetic Sock

Specially Designed for Those With Diabetes or Circulation Problems

bullet Made of Unbleached Cotton
bullet Colors: Navy, Brown and Black Cotton
bullet Non-Restrictive Top Extends to Mid Calf
bullet Crew Type Style with Full Heel and Toe
bullet Fully Cushioned
bullet Low Profile Seam In Toe Area Reduces Risk of Irritation Reversible -with either the Cushion or Smooth Side Against the Foot
bullet Sold In Units of 6 Pair Per Size and Color
bullet Color Coded to Identify Size by Color of Thread in Toe Seam


Women (Red)- Size 7 - 11
Men (White)- Size 10 -13
Men(Green) Size 13- 15



Seamfree Socks

bullet Nondestructive- Non-Ribbed Top
bullet Use: Diabetic & Circulation problems
bullet Thin, lightweight cotton interior
bullet Nylon Exterior Help to Reduce Friction within Shoe
bullet Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
bullet Colors: White, Black, Navy and Brown


Seamfree X-Tra

bullet Oversize width for Larger Individuals or Those With Severe Edema
bullet Sizes: Small, Medium,  and Large
bullet Colors: White, Black, Navy and Brown


AFO Liner


bullet Accommodates Most Individuals From calf to Knee
bullet Fully Terry Lined for Cushioning Between Patient and the Appliance
bullet All cotton material next to skin for added comfort
bullet Easy To Clean And Maintain - Machine Wash - Hang Dry

Available sock sizes:

Children: 4 - 81/2 fits most children Color: Natural
Adult: 7-11 (Ladies), 10-13 (Mens), 13-15 (Large Mens) Colors: Natural or Black


ComfortGel Liner


Below Knee

bullet Unique Sandwich Design
bullet Gel enclosed between two layers of cotton stretch fabric
bullet Accommodates a 20 inch Circumference
bullet Toe is Nylion Reinforced
bullet Gel length 9" - Extra Gel on Distal End
bullet 12" and 14" Lengths Available
bullet Yellow Stitching - Lite Weight - 3 Ply Thickness
bullet Green Stitching -Heavy Weight - 5 Ply Thickness

NEW!! Pediatric Size Available

Individually Packaged